Wakulla Springs Alliance

The Wakulla Springs Alliance is striving to protect and restore spring flow, water quality and the ecological health of Wakulla Spring and River. The alliance is composed of scientists, and other experts knowledgeable of the local hydrology, land use planning, local government, water use and education. We work collaboratively with other organizations to support federal, state and local government agencies in protecting our local water resources from further decline with emphasis on Wakulla Spring.


Ecological Health

The Wakulla Springs Alliance goal for the ecological restoration of the Wakulla Spring and River is to restore the aquatic flora and fauna and water clarity to its condition at state acquisition in 1986. This includes the same relative abundance and diversity of aquatic plants, fishes, reptiles, and birds inhabiting the spring and river within the state park.



Spring Flow Protection

“Wakulla Spring flow should be glass bottom boat clear (at least 75 feet) an average of six months a year, as it was from 1987-1993, and be maintained at an average of 400 million gallons a day.   Water management tools such as water supply planning, wastewater treatment, minimum flows and levels, reservation, conservation, and water use permitting, should be used to achieve this goal.”