Wakulla Springs Alliance Projects
The Alliance is involved in a variety of projects that contribute to protecting Wakulla Spring.

Spring Flow Protection: The Alliance is striving to persuade the Northwest Florida Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection to give higher priority to protecting the flow of Wakulla Spring.

Water Quality Restoration:  The Alliance is striving to persuade DEP to give higher priority to strengthen the Total Maximum Daily Load/Basin Management Action Plan and implementing the recommendations.

Septic System Management:  The Alliance has met with each Leon County commissioner and each Leon County Tax Committee member to persuade them to institute a program to manage septic systems and to provide funding for this priority project.

Spring Cave Protection:  The Alliance opposed the DEP proposal to permit recreational cave diving in Wakulla Spring so as to protect the archeological, scenic and natural values of the spring.

Wildlife Surveys:  The Alliance sponsors weekly wildlife surveys during boat tours to determine the status of birds and reptiles inhabiting the spring and river.

Submerged Aquatic Plants:  The Alliance is sponsoring the monitoring of submerged aquatic plants in the river to determine if restoration of native plants is occurring since nitrates have been reduced by up-grades at the Smith Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Land Use Planning:
Wakulla Spring Protection Zone:  The Alliance has petitioned the Wakulla County Commission to retain the boundary of the Wakulla Spring Protection Zone.

Tours:  The Alliance sponsors tours of the Wakulla Spring Basin to educate the residents of the springshed and encourage them to support protection of the waters flowing to the spring. Several officials including four Leon County Commissioners, One Wakulla County Commissioner, Congresswoman Graham, two legislative aides and reporters from the Tallahassee Democrat and Tampa Bay Tribune have taken the tour.

Special Events:  The Alliance provides a booth with basin maps and brochures to inform residents about the spring basin and the Alliance.

Video:  The Alliance has produced a seven-minute video “Following the Water to Wakulla Spring” to inform local citizens about the route that water flows across the landscape to Wakulla Spring.

Presentations:  Alliance members provide presentations to organizations and the public about Saving Wakulla Spring.

Web site:  A web site has been created to inform the public about Wakulla Spring and the Alliance.  www.wakullaspringsalliance.org